Tuesday, 25 August 2015

As the nights draw in...

...you may find your fragrance requirements changing. Here are some suggestions that work well at transitional times of the year. Every large scented sachet can fragrance one room in your house for up to four months, see our complete range of fragrances here. Enjoy...
Vintage Violet - A complex, warm floral.
Lush bouquets of violets and rosebuds with 
amber and softened by sweet fig, cream and honey.

Haven - A fresh, woody fragrance.
Refreshing seashore blended with lavender and jasmine flowers 
on a woody amber sweet musk base.

River Mist - A spicy, earthy fragrance
On an earthy bed of moss, amber woods, and musk, a watery blend
of wet greens, with citrus and apple, flows into notes of lavender, spice and muguet.

Dream Blossom - An oriental inspired floral.
Fantasy of rose and anise, sweetened by cherry 
blossoms, patchouli, and vanilla in a delightful daydream

Orange & Honey - A Sweet, uplifting fragrance.
The vibrant aroma of fresh orange citrus is blended
with the scent of sweet honey nectar.

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