Friday, 28 November 2014

Greenleaf Festive Gift ideas for under £5

It's always tricky finding the right gift for the right price. Greenleaf Gifts offer a wide variety of gift ideas for under a fiver, perfect for a low price but a high impact! Each scented sachet provides up to four months of fragrance and costs only £3.50. Also, there are many seasonal fragrances available including Merry Memories, Starlight and Apple Spice & Cinnamon but to name a few. Another alternative for a candle lover might be a Greenleaf Votive Candle at only £1.95 each. Small in size but not in fragrance this little candle provides 15 hours of powerful scent. Each are individually packaged in decorative boxes and are available in fantastic Christmas fragrances including Snow Flowers and Hope. Another idea might be a tall sachets from the Greenleaf girl collection, a great stocking filler, costing only £2.50 per sachet. Only question is which Greenleaf Girl are you buying for, Breezy, Cozy, Dreamy or Sassy? The choice is yours plus if you wish, our Greenleaf eleves can send your gift directly to your recipient! Browse the full collections here. Best Wishes, the Girls at Greenleaf UK.

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