Monday, 7 July 2014

Introducing Greenleaf Baby Sachets

We're really excited about the Greenleaf Baby Collection, a range of scented sachets: beautifully decorated paper envelopes containing a mineral infused with fragrance oil. At our offices we have several new mothers who struggle with the dilemma of providing fresh fragrance for places that get smelly, such as nappy bins and car seats, and using a fragrance product that's safe around young children. These large sachets not only combine signature Greenleaf fragrance with special technology that eliminates and absorbs odours, but they also provide beautiful home fragrance without the dangers of having a flame if a candle is burning or oil that may be spilt if using a reed diffuser.

The Greenleaf Baby Collection is available in four beautiful fragrances: Bouncy Baby (white cotton), Cuddly Baby (fresh powder), Sleepy Baby (lavender) and Snuggly Baby (sweet powder). Greenleaf scented sachets offer fantastic value for money- a large sachet that will fragrance a room for up to 4 months costs just £3.50. The Greenleaf Baby Collection will be available here in the UK from mid August 2014, watch this space for more infomation, the Girls at Greenleaf UK

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  1. Pls where Im buy this collegson??? Thank you Im living in London