Monday, 24 February 2014

101 Ways to use your Scented Sachet Part 1

At the offices of Greenleaf UK we are always sharing (gossiping about) new ideas of where and how we use our Greenleaf Scented Sachets, some funny and some pretty inspirational! Recently Greenleaf US decided to put together a guide called 101 useful ways of using a Scented Sachet. Of course we were only too ready to share our ideas and put our favourite sachet uses into the mix. Inspired by this experience, we'd like to share them with you so you too can get even more value from your Greenleaf Scented Sachet. So Part 1 this week, avoiding information overload, contains 20 ways to use your sachet and new week you'll get another 20. You may find yourself needing lots more sachets, if you do click here

  1. Slide into shoe boxes or storage, and even stinky tennis shoes!
  2. Slip a sachet in your sock drawer.
  3. Stash a sachet with scarves.
  4. Keep a sachet tucked into hat boxes with accessories.
  5. Store small sachets in knit gloves when not in use.
  6. Place sachet in a broom cupboard to create a welcoming scent.
  7. Include a sachet when storing seasonal clothing.
  8. Stow a sachet in storage bins to keep packed items smelling fresh.
  9. Sachets are perfect for adding fresh scent to a garage, cellar or other storage areas.
  10. Keep a sachet where you store your walking gear or camping supplies.
  11. Stash a sachet in storage buildings or units.
  12. Spice up a toolbox or shed with a sachet.
  13. Place sachet under the sink. Try using a sweet or spicy fragrance in the kitchen.
  14. Clip a sachet to front or place on top of refrigerator.
  15. Keep a sachet tucked with trash compactor.
  16. A sachet in a recipe box creates sweet-scented cards.
  17. Tuck sachet into a wine rack.
  18. Open envelope, and add contents with a little water to a simmering pot or warmer.
  19. For sweet fragrance in the bathroom, keep a sachet in a vanity drawer or dressing table.
  20. Store a sachet with hair accessories.

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